Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sabudana Kheer

Serves: 2

Sabudana - 1/4 cup
Milk - 1 cup
Water - 1 cup
Sugar - 1/4 cup
Cashew, Raisins - for garnishing
Ghee or butter - 1 tbsp

1. Wash, drain the sabudana and add to milk
2. Heat the milk on high flame till it begins to boil and then reduce to low-medium and cook until the milk thickens and the sabu grains bloom into bigger and softer grains
3. Dissolve the sugar in the water and add to the milk. The sugar should be added only after the sabudana grains are fully cooked. Stir well until the contents blend together.
4. Cook on medium heat for the consistency required.
5. Toast the raisins and cashews in the ghee and set aside. Make sure the raisins plump up and the cashews obtain light brown color.

Garnish with cashews and raisins and serve warm or at room temperature.

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